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florence delormethe secret of weight

"To all woman out there, I dedicate this book and my method".

About the author

The author of the method, a young French woman called Florence Delorme, is neither a doctor nor a nutritionist and yet, via this app, she provides essential information that allows us to understand within minutes how weight works. At the age of 20, Florence came up with theidea of writing a book about the secret of weight. After many years of research, Florence realized that once you got a good understanding of calories they could truly help us maintain our goal weight in an easy and pleasurable way. Florence has been testing this method over the last ten years and teaching it to close friends, who were curious to learn about this new approach. In 2012 Florence decided to write a book about the ins and outs of calories so that she could share her insight with as many people possible.

Discover the full method in the book.
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With The Secret of Weight, you can forget words such as forbidden foods, guilt and frustration! Let mindful management takeover! You are your own coach! With Flo on your side, the little character on your "Dashboard", you can cruise down the river of calories! You will not be disappointed!

The Secret of Weight: a diet which is not a diet or at least one that you have never seen before!

Stay in control!

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