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The method

I do not understand the method and/or how the application works.

In order to understand the SOW application, you should refer to the "How the Method Works" and "How the App Works" (text version) sections which can be accessed by clicking on FLO, the avatar in the application.

I started following the SOW method but I have not lost any weight. Why?

This may be due to several factors:
  • Your daily allowance is a little too low. The body enters a "watchful state" and slows weight loss (storing). Try to maintain an intake of at least 1,100 Calories per day (setting lower allowances than this must remain exceptional).
  • Also make sure you have variable allowances, even adding in a few days at 1,800 Calories here and there.
  • Rely on the amount of debt you have reimbursed, rather than the weight you see on the scales.
  • Avoid underestimating the Calorie totals for the foods you eat when you are adding them up.
  • Wait until you have followed the method for at least one month before determining how much weight you have lost, because the value on the scale may vary by up to 5 pounds depending on how much water is retained in the body, on your menstrual cycle, on your bowl movements, etc.
  • Do not take into account Calories burned through sports.
  • If you are menopaused, your budget may need to be limited to 1,600 Calories (slower metabolism) but you must FIRST TRY the method with an 1,800 Calorie budget.
Please read the following information: "Do not weigh yourself too often at the beginning and rely on your debt balance rather than the scales. Your weight may vary by up to 4 pounds depending on the day and how much water is retained in your body. The debt, on the other hand, indicates how much weight you have really lost (or gained). If you weigh yourself, for example, after saving 6,400 Calories but the scale shows you have lost 4 pounds, you are likely to see about 2 pounds reappear within a few days. This is because you have in fact saved up 6,400 Calories, in other words lost about 2 pounds, and that is really the only reliable and durable reference. When you start out with a lot of extra weight, you may notice that you lose quickly at the beginning, even though your actual debt is decreasing at a slower rate. That will balance out in the long run and your weight loss will match the debt you have paid back. The debt level remains the correct standard in the long term. On the scales, your weight loss may vary, but do not focus on that. The debt should be monitored over several weeks or several months, so remember not to reset it too often.

Is it possible to count the Calories burned through sports?

To make things easier and more reliable, the calories burned during sports are not considered in this method. That would have an impact on the results indicated through the application. Practicing sports causes your muscle mass to increase and since it weighs more than fat (for equal volumes), it would skew the results indicated by the application if you include these Calories in your daily accounting. In other words, practicing sports adds to your muscle mass which weighs more than fat (based on comparable volumes): that explains how including the Calories burned will skew the statistics reported by the application (this is further explained in the Secret of Weight book). Sports are to be considered as a "hidden bonus" under this method, which works best if followed as directed. The general basic reference to be used for a woman is 1,800 Calories, although that may have to be lowered a little after menopause (to 1,600 Calories, and only if you do not lose weight after starting out with 1,800 Calories first). For men, the standard budget is set at 2,100 Calories.

I am pregnant, can I follow the SOW method?

Yes, it is possible to follow the method during pregnancy but some criteria are different. Send a friend request to our private Facebook group dedicated to PREGNANCY: Facebook group We will provide you with all the information you need through this group.

I am breastfeeding can I follow the SOW method?

We do not recommend this method for pregnant women because they may not produce enough milk. It could work in cases where breast-feeding is alternated with bottle feedings, but this is not our expertise and we therefore do not recommend this.

Can I use the SOW method to gain weight?

The SOW method can be used to lose, maintain or gain weight. If you wish to gain weight, the method simply needs to be followed with a reverse debt system: your daily intake needs to be higher than your standard budget. You will gain weight in about the same proportions: 3,200 Calories added to your debt = 1 pound of weight gained

Could you coach me?

SOW is not designed to offer coaching or individual advice: in fact, the SOW method is aimed at teaching you how to manage your diet independently, based on your food and weight objectives.

The SOW Private Group on Facebook

How can I become a member of the SOW private group on Facebook?

Send a friend request to the private Facebook group: Facebook group We will be glad to accept your request!

I had an issue with the group. Some posts or comments are upsetting, a member has harassed me, etc.

Thank you for contacting one of the moderators of the group about this issue:
(Please contact only one moderator to be chosen from the list above.)

I cannot join the group, why not?

We accept members who:
  • have had a Facebook profile for over 3 months, and
  • are members of no more than 50 groups (to avoid spammers and fake profiles).
Those requirements must be met for you to be accepted into the group. You may send a new friend request at any time if you meet the criteria. If you would like an exception to be made, please send your request to our group moderators:
(Please contact only one moderator to be chosen from the list above.)

The application The Secret of Weight

I have neither an Android nor an iPhone, how can I obtain the application?

The application only works on Android and iPhone. But we invite yoy to send a friend request to our private group: Facebook group You will be able to get information on the group and on how to follow the method even without the application.

Can I apply the SOW method even without the application?

If you do not have the application, we recommend you get The Secret of Weight book. All you need is motivation, a personal scale, and a Calorie counting guide. The book was in fact written before the application was launched and is therefore designed to be used independently. Many people successfully use the Secret of Weight method without the application. In the meanwhile, do not hesitate to join our private Facebook group to obtain support and advice. Many members apply this method without the application. Facebook group

I forgot to add some food to my basket before midnight, what should I do?

If you forgot to add one or more food items to your cart the day before, the only solution is to add them on the current day so that your Calorie count is updated. (To view your cart from the previous day or any other day: swipe right over the cart). It is important that you do not make changes to the date on your telephone, which would cause the application to bug.

Can I change my budget allowance?

To ensure the SOW method is applied correctly, it is important to avoid lowering your daily Calorie allowance to less than 1,800 Calories, except for some cases amongst menopaused women (where it can be set at 1,600 Calories if needed). "Even when you are starting a diet, it is important to set an allowance that reflects your actual daily Calorie requirements (or close to that figure) rather than basing it on the reduced budget you plan to apply while dieting. You will therefore have to eat less than the set allowance so that you can "save" Calories and lower your debt. In fact, it is essential to base your allowance on your regular daily requirement. To understand this point better, please refer to the "How the method works" section.

What do the ½ and ¼ boxes mean on the food page?

If you check the ½ box, that means you ate half of what is indicated in the food picture, and if you check the ¼ box, then that represents one quarter of the suggested serving. Please note that these options are only available for the first serving.

I do not always understand the comments of the application avatar.

The avatar is meant to be funny. We are sorry that his comments displease you but there is no option to delete it. Unless you do not click on the INSTAGRAM publications that appear in the Flo bubble, so that they remain in the bubble and replace its sentences.

Why does the book mention that the internet Calorie counter exists (when in fact it does not)?

This is a good point. We simply mentioned the existence of the application online in the book to avoid editing it again once the web application is launched. In the meanwhile, the website provides information about available tools under the Applications tab, namely for Androids and iPhones.

My application seems to be bugging.

We are very sorry to hear that. We would appreciate your sending us details concerning any application bugs to the following email address: Thank you for your feedback.

My statistics seem incorrect.

On iPhones, statistics are reset every day at midnight. We are working on improvements for future versions. On Androids, however, this bug was reported by several users and a corrected version will soon be available.

How do I reinitialize the statistics?

To reset your statistics to 0, please go to "settings" (by clicking on the head of the avatar) then click on the cogwheel in the middle at the top of the page and click on "Reset."

I cannot add personal food pictures.

Have you checked that the SOW application is authorized to access your photos and camera?

I would like to save and recover my data because I am changing telephones.

This function is not available at this time. If you are using an iPhone, however, you can recover your data by storing a backup on iCloud.

How can I change languages on the application?

The application language is set in terms of your telephone's language. To obtain the French language version, you telephone therefore must be set to French as well. If your telephone is in another language than French, the English version of the application is installed.

Images are not displayed

We are sorry. If the food images are not displayed on your application and despite an internet connection, can you please inform us on: Thank you.

Moderation of the SOW Private Group on Facebook

Is it possible to post ads or links on group pages ?

We are sorry but that is not possible. We receive a great deal of requests of this sort and regretfully cannot provide this service.


Regarding your request, please contact the group moderators at the following addresses:
(Please contact only one moderator to be chosen from the list above.)

I did not get answers from the moderators.

We ask that you kindly wait up to a few days because our moderators have many messages to answer.

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