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You should also adjust your daily Calorie budget: go to “Settings” by clicking on the cogwheel icon below. Then tick the appropriate “man” or “woman” box, or enter a customized Calorie value. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that it is important to indicate your actual daily Calorie intake requirement (estimated) instead of a budget you want to set to lose weight. The idea is that you need to consume less Calories than your recommended intake each day to reimburse your debt, so that is why it is crucial to indicate how much your actual intake requirement is. This ensures that your daily debt or savings balances are accurately recorded.

Then enter the amount of weight you want to lose in the “I wish to lose” interface. The application automatically converts this into a starting debt amount by multiplying the number of kilograms to lose by 7,000 Calories.


  • I enter 3 kilograms to start.
  • When the pop-up appears, click on “Reset the Calorie balance” for the initial debt to appear on the “Dashboard.”
  • On the “Dashboard” the Post-it note on the left shows the “Calorie balance.” The “Calorie Balance since (this date)” now displays “+21,000 kcal”, which is my starting debt (3 Kg x 7,000 Calories).
    Since I have weight to lose, that is now translated into the debt I can see on the left-hand Post-it note of the “Dashboard”, and will reflect changes as I go along. The date is set to the day I input the starting debt, because to validate that figure, I need to hit the reset button (this is done through “Settings”).
  • “Total Weight Gain/Loss” button has now also been updated to show “+3 kg”.

Make sure you remember to add anything you eat to your cart. The app is also useful to find out how much a food item is worth in Calories before you decide to eat it, simply by checking the database.

The objective is to try to pay off some of your debt each day, by consuming a little less than your daily intake allowance. For example, if you consume 1,400 Calories instead of the daily allowance of 1,800 Calories, you “save” or “pay back” 400 Calories; in other words, your debt is reduced. Supposing you are looking at the first day of your diet, here is a detail of how it is calculated:

A starting debt of 21,000 Calories - 400 unconsumed calories from your daily budget = remaining balance of 20,600 Calories. You have lost approximately 60 grams out of your 3 kilograms.

At midnight, your debt will be updated from “+21,000 kcal” to “+20,600 kcal” and your weight from “+3 kg” to “+2,94 kg”.

Watch your debt decrease as the days go by! See how the kilograms melt away on your scale (in line with your reimbursements)! You can have whatever you want (cake, chocolate, fries, drinks, cheese, etc.) as long as you manage the Calorie cost of what you eat and stick to your Calorie Budget for the day! You might go overboard sometimes and increase your debt instead of reducing it on those occasions. It does not matter, because you are in control! You know what you are doing and you can compensate for the extra Calories when you want. It is human nature to give in to temptation, what matters is knowing how to get back on track after you do.

To keep things simple and reliable, Calories burned through extra physical activity are not taken into account with this method (the reason for this is explained in detail in the book, “The Secret of Weight”).

Do not be obsessed by the scale at the beginning of your weight loss program. You should be focusing on the amount of your debt, rather than on the weight you see on the scale. Your weight may vary from +2 to -2kg depending on the day, simply because of the water contained in your body. Your debt balance indicates the weight you are really losing (or gaining). Suppose you have saved 7,000 Calories, and your scale today indicates you have lost 2 kilograms. Well, in fact, you have only lost 1 kilogram according to your debt balance, and you will see that over the days, that is what your scale will be reflecting on average

If you are overweight at the beginning of your diet, you may see fast results on the scale initially, that are above what you would expect based on your debt balance. You will see that over time, however, your weight will align with the debt balance.

You will notice that in the long term, the debt is always a reliable indicator. Your scale may show more or less weight than expected, but do not focus on this. The debt approach works over time, at least several weeks and even several months, so remember not to reset your “Dashboard” too often.



If you would like to gain weight, apply the same principles to the objective of consuming more than your allowed budget every day. The same ratio applies to gaining weight:

7,000 Calories of accumulated debt = 1 kilogram of weight gained.

This reference of 7,000 Calories per kilogram is the ratio retained for this method because it ensures reliable results. Actual energy requirements vary from one individual to the next, however, so these ratios are established to reflect average values and expected results, since we need a base indicator to start out with.

With The Secret of Weight, dreary days of forbidden foods, guilt and frustration are a thing of the past! Now is the time to be aware of your choices and manage them as you please. You are your own coach! With Flo’s help (this is the character at the bottom of your “Dashboard”), you are the captain of your ship in a sea of calories. You will never be disappointed, because these are miraculous waters!

The Secret of Weight: dieting without dieting, or at least differently from anything you have tried before!

Be in control!

More information on the full method can be found in the book version, “The Secret of Weight” (available through and through the application.)



Simply manage your Calorie Budget via the application. The recommended budget for a woman is 1,800 Calories per day (go to “Settings” by clicking on the cogwheel icon below).

You can also establish your own Calorie Budget, however, for the most reliable results, we have chosen to apply the daily recommended intake of 2,100 Calories for a man and 1,800 Calories for a woman. These are the basic principles of the method that need to be applied, otherwise we cannot guarantee that the results on your Dashboard accurately reflect your actual intake.

Based on 1,800 Calories per day if you are a woman, supposing your energy needs are higher, you would lose more than what you see on the application Dashboard. On the other hand, if your intake is lower (because you are petite, not very active, etc.) you will notice that your actual results will be lower than those indicated on the Dashboard. Neither of these cases are very common, however, and for most women, an intake set at 1,800 Calories per day will allow you to manage your budget and obtain results that are close to what you see on your Dashboard.

Therefore, let’s start off (ladies) with a daily intake of 1,800 calories.

You might incur a small debt on occasional days, but on others, you might “save” Calories, which in the end balances out so that you maintain your weight easily and confidently!

  • All you need to do is add any food item you eat during the day to your cart.
  • The application manages your Calorie budget for you: the “Dashboard” on the Post-it note on the left shows how many Calories you have already consumed for the day.
  • Right underneath, you can also see your “Calorie Balance” in terms of the start date for the ongoing period.
    This is in fact the date at which you started using the app or reset the counter.
    The “Calorie Balance” keeps track of daily debts or savings, depending on how much you eat each day (reflecting when you go over budget or stay under it).
    The balance is updated each day at midnight with your intake, adjusting automatically in terms of Calories saved (under budget) or spent (over budget). The gauge bar is also reset, and your cart is emptied.
  • Depending on whether your debt is positive or negative, the Post-it note on the right shows the equivalent in weight gained or lost:
    • overall (Calories accumulated until the day before, since you started using the app, or from the date you reset it);
    • For the ongoing day only, and in real time.
  • Thanks to your “Real Time Monitor for the Day”, you know at any given time what weight loss you are likely to obtain for that 24-hour period if you stop eating at that moment. Likewise, when you go over your Calorie Budget, you will know in real time the weight you are likely to gain (numbers are based on averages but they reflect the reality accurately).
  • The “Total Weight Gain/Loss” is updated with the “Real Time Monitor for the Day” value each day at midnight, when the gauge bar and cart are also reset.


When I go over my Calorie Budget (+):

  • My debt is positive (+ kcal);
  • I gain weight (+ kg).

When I stay under my Calorie Budget (-):

  • My debt (also called “savings”) is negative (- kcal);
  • I lose weight (- kg).

With the Secret of Weight, dreary days of forbidden foods, guilt and frustration are a thing of the past! 

Now is the time to be aware of your choices and manage them as you please. You are your own coach! With Flo’s help (this is the character at the bottom of your “Dashboard”), you are the captain of your ship in a sea of calories. You will never be disappointed, because these are miraculous waters!

The Secret of Weight: dieting without dieting, or at least differently from anything you have tried before!

Be in control!

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