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Chapter 1 : A Book Especially Dedicated to Women
Chapter 2 : To Each Her Own Weight
Chapter 3 : Method Basics
Chapter 4 : Simplicity Revealed
Chapter 5 : Food Stress
Chapter 6 : Your Basic Calorie Budget
Chapter 7 : Sports
Chapter 8 : Calories in Maintenance Mode
Chapter 9 : Your Initial Debt or How to Lose Weight
Chapter 10 : Calories in « Gain Weight » Mode
Chapter 11 : How to Count Calories?
Chapter 12 : Case Study – Dinner at Josie’s
Chapter 13 : Why Is It So Hard To Feel Motivated?
Chapter 14 : The Mealtime Dictatorship
Chapter 15 : The Dictatorship of What Others Say
Chapter 16 : The Catch With Your Scale
Chapter 17 : Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Chapter 18 : Why Am I Not Losing Weight?
Chapter 19 : The Hack Toolbox
Chapter 20 : Stabilizing Your Diet

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