Florence Delorme, Author of "The Secret of Weight"

To all the girls out there,
I dedicate my book 
and my method. 

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. I am just your ordinary girl. I have tested my method on my own body in reason and observation.

I did not invent any parameters that make up this method. In my book I expose information that has always been available to us whether you are aware of this or not; unexplored information mastered by few.

Unfortunately, no one has ever really clearly explained the key elements to weight control. We sometimes come across bits and pieces of information here and there in books, articles and diets. This information often helps us to understand how we lose and put on weight but is never really clearly explained step by step.

I have now tried and tested my method for the past seventeen years. My friends, the original testers, also contributed their own experience, and it has been enriched with the feedback from thousands of my readers or users of my Smartphone application, who constantly share their amazing “before and after” transformation.
Today, this method is used by hundreds of thousands of people who share TSOW’s special terminology and vision. Nothing could make me happier and more thankful.
I know that the way I explain things, my experience and my willingness to get my point across can help you understand and learn it too, and that it will bring you peace. My hope is that it will change your perception of food for the rest of your life. May it reassure and help you, so that you can make amends and improve your relationship with food.

Florence Delorme

florence delorme auteur le secret du poids

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